The Tretiak Agenda – Excerpt # 8



A cadre of government officials plotting to secure unimagined wealth and power; an innocent woman’s death, and a grieving journalist who soon finds himself a nation’s only hope to avert unimagined political catastrophe.

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    “Not even a smile, ‘Gordon’? Come on! Loosen up!”

    “I don’t ‘loosen up’ Daniel, and I don’t need direction from you about anything.” Danko glared at the Vice President. That look was what passed for a friendly glance from the man.

    The Vice President stared back for a moment and then leaned back in his chair, an exaggerated sigh his only response.

    “Here,” Danko began, as he pulled a thin report hidden in a larger binder filled with data, charts, and analysis of various alternative energy resources prepared solely to substantiate his falsified credentials.

    “Take a look and confirm the deposits. The funds in your offshore account will continue to be managed as agreed, but I will no longer provide you with documentation or verification. You’re on your own now.

    “Check this information carefully to be sure it’s consistent with our understanding. If you have any questions, you’ve got two minutes with me, and then I never set foot in this office again.

    “Just like that?” The Vice President reached for the report on his desk, waiting for a reply he knew would not be forthcoming.

    “Keep in mind I didn’t ask for this meeting Gregg, and I’d just as soon not have you back here again. You’re not exactly inconspicuous!” the Vice President said, the sarcasm understated but pointed nonetheless. Danko’s untroubled stare was his only reply.

    “So what’s the final tally?” Rose answered his own question by glancing at the first page of the report Danko had prepared.

    “Twenty-eight million! A three million dollar bonus. I like that!

    “You should.

    “What assurances do I have that this money will remain accessible to me? We both know that if the others find out about this deal we’re both screwed; my career as future President will be over before it starts, and there goes Tretiak’s plan up in smoke, too! What recourse do I have? Not like I can go bitch to anyone….

    “If for once you actually told me what it is you do, ‘Gordon’, why you’ve needed the information I provided, and where this money is coming from, maybe I’d have a bit more confidence. I wouldn’t want to have to call in some favors elsewhere to protect my interests.

    “You wouldn’t be foolish enough to be busting my balls, would you, Daniel? Be sure I keep the money handy while you fuck me over?

    “Of course not!” the Vice President offered with a cocky grin. “I’ve got a lot at stake here! You’ve gotten a lot of information from me, and I’ve been a good boy and not asked you once … not once … why you needed it and why I couldn’t tell Tretiak and the others. I kept my end of the deal.

    “The nuke capabilities and strategies information you got from me was ‘top secret’. So weren’t all the oil production reports. Jesus Christ, Gregg! I put a damn good Senate career on the line for you! That’s worth every penny I was paid, and I just want to be sure we’re clear about all of this.

    “I’m always clear about everything I do, Daniel.

    “Greedy people make costly mistakes. Don’t be greedy, and do not fuck with me.” The sharp lines of Danko’s pock-marked face drew taut in reaction to Rose’s cavalier attitude. The Vice President recognized his mistake and looked down.

    Gregg Danko stood, stared at his colleague, and then walked out.



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