The Tretiak Agenda: Excerpt # 7




A cadre of government officials plotting to secure unimagined wealth and power; an innocent woman’s death, and a grieving journalist who soon finds himself a nation’s only hope to avert unimagined political catastrophe.


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    “Danko had no authorizations on this! Christa Delaney was high-profile in her own right, let alone being the well-known wife of the equally-well-known John Delaney. That’s all kinds of attention we don’t need! Jesus!”

    The man leaned back and drew a hand across his face. He stared at the ceiling, repeatedly shaking his head. More than a minute passed before he motioned for Bowen to continue.

    “One other thing. There’s also talk about some docs missing, too.

    “Whose?” Andy’s friend slowly leaned back in his chair and drew a deep breath.

    “From and/or for Christa. The odd thing is that what seems to be missing is a set of documents prepared by her own staff. Kinda strange that that would have disappeared.

    “Her briefcase was recovered at the accident scene and returned to the State Department for security purposes. Someone in her office inquired about the set of papers he or she saw Christa collect before the meeting—including an envelope containing a copy of docs originating from her office—everyone was supposed to have a set from each side. That envelope hasn’t turned up yet.”

    “Perhaps she took it home?

    “Nope. Not there, either. Feds checked. It’s mostly something else to talk about right now. But it’s got me and a few others wondering.”

    “What about any other—

    “Russian docs are all accounted for—both the ones they were given and the ones they delivered to the U.S. contingent. That set was in Christa’s briefcase. They found the murdered guy’s set at his office. So it’s just Christa’s set of her own office docs that’s still missing.


    “Yeah. Word is she left about the same time the meeting started. No indications she spoke with anyone else at or from her office about the meeting. Perhaps Friday evening wasn’t the ideal time to fill anyone in … assuming she had nothing of interest to share. When she and I spoke, Christa indicated that she had just arrived home and had neighbors stopping by so she couldn’t stay on the line.”

    “But if she reached out to you, she obviously did have something of interest. Still … from her own office’s report? That’s a stretch. What else could it be? Do you have any ideas, Andy?


    “You said her call to you on Friday mentioned info’ about the Russian nukes, right?

    “Yeah, so that’s all the more puzzling. Whatever she found out, it had to be pretty significant for her to contact me.

    “We’ve had no professional involvement with one another regarding negotiations … none! So reaching out to me out of the blue and then asking for my help suggests she had something substantial that she needed info’ or answers on pretty quickly, and knew I’d be in a position to provide that off the record.

    “Christa was definitely rattled about something! Our conversation lasted less than three minutes, but that was more than enough to get my attention!

    “This is not adding up, Andy!

    “No it’s not. So, I’m thinking Danko’s doing something on the side….

    “What’s the alternative? No great secret I’ve never trusted that bastard—I doubt anyone does! I can’t even wrap my mind around the thought he’s involved. But why? This is so far removed from our agenda that I—. Goddamn!

    “I don’t like this, Andy.

    “Too many coincidences and oddities to suit my tastes, also. I’ll keep digging.

    “Let me make some calls, too. I think it’s time I pull some long overdue favors. I’ve been looking for a solid reason to finally check Danko out for something other than just being a menacing asshole, and I think we just found that reason.

    “He’s hiding something, Andy. I’ve thought that for a long time.



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