The Tretiak Agenda – Excerpt # 12




A cadre of government officials plotting to secure unimagined wealth and power; an innocent woman’s death, and a grieving journalist who soon finds himself a nation’s only hope to avert unimagined political catastrophe.


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Any news from your sources?

    “Not yet, Andy, but I’ve widened my search. I’ve got two people in Moscow looking into the nuke angle. I’m also getting some more background on a Russian I’m positive is involved.

    “Without telling you too much, for many years we’ve maintained a group of Russian nuclear missiles hidden in an underground storage facility just outside of Petrozavodsk, several hundred miles northeast of Moscow near the Berents Sea. We’ve had no specific plans for them, but gaps in treaty inspections and the like allowed us the opportunity to keep them handy just in case.”

    “Wow! That’s a lot more than I had ever imagined!

    “Not as threatening as it sounds, Andy, if hidden extra nukes can in any way not appear threatening! Some were alleged to have been destroyed in accordance with international treaties, but most are from arsenals the Russians hid from day one. Since on-site inspections only became the norm in the last couple of decades, it was easy to set up a system at the very beginning of their nuclear program and continue on that track as the weaponry was upgraded.

    “David Peters’s reference to the ‘second group’ of concealed nukes is a nightmare if it’s true! One group is all we needed! Obviously Danko and unknown friends are planning something.

    “That’s not very comforting.”

    “An understatement of epic magnitude, Andy!

    “Any thoughts as to how Daniel Rose fits into this mess?

    “No. It doesn’t make sense that he’d be doing anything to double-cross us. Daniel is going to be the next President, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what other perk he could possibly want to justify screwing the rest of us!

    “My take is that he’s getting what appears to be a pretty good chunk of money for something….

    “That’s my read on it, also. But what? We need to keep digging, Andy. A second set of nuclear missiles in Gregg Danko’s hands is not good for any of us. I don’t want to be a day late finding out what that bastard is up to.


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