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Many of the functions of the modern-day federal government, including Social Security and other social-service programs, were not envisioned by the framers, nor did the enumerated powers of the Congress specifically comprehend such programs. But neither do these federal roles violate a principle of our system or run counter to the prescient mindset of the founders. The federalist founders created and interpreted a constitutional system that allowed for the emergence of modern America, one in which the federal government would be strong enough to shape global events and to guarantee a minimal provision for the poor, ill, and elderly. Such federal roles may require examination and reform, but they are not inherently illegitimate.

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Looking Left and Right: Going Back To Where?



Most conservatives, if pressed on these matters, would concede the propriety of some government role in helping create the conditions necessary for individuals and institutions to succeed. For too many in the libertarian and Tea Party wings of the GOP, however, such concessions are at best made grudgingly. These conservatives, if left to their own devices, would say almost nothing about these matters. And so crucial realities — the fact of increasing inequality and decreasing social mobility — tend to be swept under the rug. For too many, government’s obligation to protect individual liberty comes first, second, and last, while concepts such as the common good, despite bearing their own conservative pedigree, are regarded as so much liberal claptrap.
Protecting individual liberty is indeed an indispensable role of government. But it is not the only role.

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Life Will Answer – The Book: The Concept of More



Considering the questions which first prompted my book Life Will Answer, and the related ones which daily living raises—notably those concerning the conflicts resulting from the irreconcilable, unprovable beliefs which have guided mankind for ages—I eventually circled around this most basic question: What if Life was more?  

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Life Will Answer Quote of Note from Richard J. Leider *



An observation worth noting … and pondering:

A sense of purpose is rarely handed to us.
We get it by deciding to have it.
We get it by deciding that, yes, I matter.
A sense of purpose comes from within,
and only we know if we have it

For some, it doesn’t take too many years to understand and appreciate their “reason for being here.” We encounter stories all the time about a successful individual who articulated that he or she “has always wanted to be a _” or a variation of that theme. It must be especially gratifying to recognize both one’s talents and inclinations so early in life.

I suspect that for most of us, however, the search for recognition and commitment to one’s ambitions and motivations is the end result of much trial and error. Experiences we might initially check off on the “failure” side of the ledger often turn out to be the best inspirations for success.

But always the purposes and objectives we pursue can only come from our own assessments and decisions. Pursuing what anyone else offers or demonstrates as the best path to success will ultimately prove meaningless if not worse. If we cannot own the desire, we can’t manufacture it according to the examples and experiences of anyone else.

Who else is you?

Decide that you do in fact matter if for no other reason that it’s absolutely true! Start there, and learn to listen for the “signs” and intuitions which seem to draw you to one path more than any other. Trust those messages and passions, and then do all you can to nurture them day by day until they blossom on their own and leave you with no doubts about the value of and opportunities for making your unique contributions—however measured.

Choose. Life Will Answer

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