Life Will Answer – The Book: A Better Path? Pt 2




We have turned what were useful symbols and myths from ancient times about a Source, and held them as truth in their illusory forms, denying ourselves the privilege and gift of understanding Life in its even greater and grander forms here and now. Worse, we diminish our opportunities to use Life for the individual and collective good now by failing to expand and grow and evolve. Instead, we’re almost constantly limiting our potential by adhering to the invented and even silly decrees of some fictitious Being which is Itself apparently unwilling to be more enlightened.  [From my book Life Will Answer.]

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Life Will Answer: Religion & Politics Pt 3



Our Constitution granted each and every one of us the freedom to believe or not believe as we decide. That protection applies to all of us. When one group has decided by some form of spiritual osmosis that their version of the unverifiable and occasionally insane has been decreed to be the new Law, and thus their political mission is to ensure that is so, then it is up to the rest of us to put that crazy back where it belongs: away from public influence.
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Looking Left and Right: Our Best Choices? Pt 4





Now consider another related trait implicated in our divide over reality: the ‘need for cognitive closure.’ This describes discomfort with uncertainty and a desire to resolve it into a firm belief. Someone with a high need for closure tends to seize on a piece of information that dispels doubt or ambiguity, and then freeze, refusing to consider new information. Those who have this trait can also be expected to spend less time processing information than those who are driven by different motivations, such as achieving accuracy.
A number of studies show that conservatives tend to have a greater need for closure than do liberals, which is precisely what you would expect in light of the strong relationship between liberalism and openness. ‘The finding is very robust,’ explained Arie Kruglanski, a University of Maryland psychologist who has pioneered research in this area and worked to develop a scale for measuring the need for closure.

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Looking Left and Right: A Better Future? Pt 5




Personal responsibility as a defining feature of our nation’s character also encompasses the need to demonstrate integrity, honesty, and courage. We do so by accepting unpleasant truths, and then dealing with them to the best of our collective abilities, regardless of the ideologies we cling to in an abstract environment where outcomes never matter.

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