Life Will Answer – The Book: A Better Path? Pt 4



Following up on some admittedly snarky observations from my last post with commentary from my book Life Will Answer:

One of the many problems mankind demonstrates in attributing the origins of our universe and guidance in our everyday lives to a Supreme Being is that we’ve made It so petty that It has emotional needs which must be fulfilled (by us, its distinctly inferior creation—setting up its own collection of fulfillment problems); It has to be obeyed or else; It actually expresses preferences about who wins athletic competitions; cares deeply about your golf game; flips coins in deciding about healing illnesses; is bothered by who one’s bedmate might be; deems it best that rich white guys get tax breaks at our expense; helps one competitor over another with business presentations, or otherwise actively—and by all accounts quite arbitrarily—involves Itself in the myriad and mundane of our lives (while at the same moment presumably directing the formation of galaxies and governing the laws of quantum physics in Its spare time).  

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