Looking Left and Right: Pointless Abstractions




Today’s sharply polarized and strategically focused political parties fit poorly with a constitutional system that anticipates collaboration as well as competition within and across separated institutions. As we initially wrote, parliamentary-style parties in a separation-of-powers government are a formula for willful obstruction and policy irresolution. The continuation of divided party government and the promiscuous use of the filibuster after the 2012 election have largely frustrated the policy direction affirmed by majority electorates and supported in polls of voters taken since the election.

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Looking Left and Right: Cynicism



Last week’s post concluded with some inquiries about the apparent lack of awareness that the actions of “no-government conservatives” have consequences. Destructive actions have an annoying tendency of making things worse.

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Looking Left and Right: They “Win” If We Let Them


As I noted in my last post, the obscene policies and judicial pronouncements making it very clear that the Republican Party will do its damnedest at every turn Continue reading