Life Will Answer – The Book: When Is Enough, Enough? Pt 2



As I witness more discord in this nation—the vicious and judgmental condemnation by some; the ignorance; the greed; the willingness of so many in positions of authority to misrepresent, deceive, and lie for selfish gain at the expense of so many others who in good faith rely on that very ‘leadership’; and the choice by some to deliberately turn fact into mere questionable opinion (risking the well-being of countless millions in doing so), I became more and more convinced that we all need to take a moment to catch our collective breaths and figure out where we’re all going and just what the hell we’re doing.  

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Looking Left and Right: A Better Future? Pt 7


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There’s no denying the great divide separating the Left from the Right. The conflict does little but make problems more intractable, enduring, and … well, worse! But what we overlook too often is the divide itself. That great big “middle” has room enough for everyone willing to take a few steps away from the beliefs—genuine or the result of a lack of accurate information—to which each side is firmly anchored today.

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Life Will Answer Quote of Note # 62 (K. Mansfield 1)


An observation worth noting … and pondering, from Katherine Mansfield :

Could we change our attitude,
we should not only see life differently,
but life itself would become different

Life always offers us all kinds of opportunities in all kinds of setting for all kinds of reasons. We’re given the freedom to choose countless paths to achieve countless objectives, all as we feel compelled to honor … or not.

The first steps are always the most important. The vision, the dream, the ideal, the purpose … the label we assign doesn’t matter. We start with a thought of what to do or be. It might be a thought for the short-term just as it can be the thought for the rest of our days, and/or all the variations in between.

Those choices belong to us. What becomes of those first moments of inspiration and choice depends on the beliefs we take with us and the efforts we expend. Those essential contributions to the ultimate attainment of our objectives are framed by the attitudes we adopt along the way.

Casual effort with excuses at the ready will produce exactly what they can and should produce. Passionate commitments and wholehearted efforts will do the same. The approach we take to honoring our inspirations carry their own power and means of assistance.

If we deeply desire what we profess to seek—whatever that may be—and we fuel that desire with an attitude which makes clear that what we seek we will find a way to achieve, then Life Will Answer.

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