Looking Left and Right: A Better Future? Pt 6




If our collective future—the one we intend to pass on to our children and for their benefit—still matters, then we have a duty to do what we can to make it a better and brighter one than the future which inequality, conflict, knee-jerk dismissal of inconvenient facts, and the many damaging components of intense polarization will create instead. Shouldn’t the outcomes matter more than they seem to?

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Looking Left and Right: A Better Future? Pt 1



The moral difference is clear: Do we have both personal and social responsibility, or just personal responsibility? Are we in this together, or are we on our own? The conservatives say we are, and should be, on our own. Are we the United States or the Separate States — or millions of isolated individuals who don’t care about anybody else?
The answer to these questions affects every issue.

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