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An observation worth noting … and pondering:

We do much damage by not being patient
with our own evolution, which by design and necessity
luxuriates in an abundance of time and plot twists….
Patience is the missing link in the discernment process,
in the search for clarity of calling and readiness of heart,
and in the waiting for events to unfurl and talents to ripen.
These things seldom burst into being all at once

I’ve spoken often of the Process, the slow unfolding of events and opportunities and luck and yes, setbacks and dead-ends and disappointments. All play a part in the pursuit of our dreams and goals.

We must always keep in mind not just the power and persistent application of our own commitment as necessary elements in our eventual successes. We must also remember that while opportunities and answers come our way, so too do they appear in the efforts of everyone else—whether they are aware or not. And it is inevitable that there will be more than a few occasions when what we are seeking is inconsistent with the objectives and efforts of others with whom we come in contact.

The choice is then to continue or fall back … or choose something new. That’s a gift we’re always free to exercise.

But awareness that the path from dream to reality is rarely a straight, simple, or quick one. Patience and understanding have their roles in our successes as well. Trust that successes big or small are each and all a process. Stay focused on the objective and do all that you can in every moment. Life Will Answer

an American author and speaker, from his outstanding book Callings

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