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The Tretiak Agenda – published 01.28.14 [fiction: political thriller]
Life Will Answer – published 02.12.14 [nonfiction: how life works)

     Quotes of Note series

Politics (Looking Left and Right blog, here)
Success (Life Will Answer blog, here)
Peak Oil (at the Peak Oil Matters blog)


3 thoughts on “My Topics

  1. My compliments on providing reply options on your Word Press web site. I have a Word press account too, but haven’t developed it.

  2. Your blogs don’t have opportunities for response. Why please?

    I ask you here. One of your reference sources, in your “Introduction” (back in 2012) had: “This brings us to politics, where people are quite willing to report their preferences for ingroups over outgroups…”

    In this context, what does “Ingroups” and “Outgroups” mean?

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