Looking Left and Right: Different Choices? Pt 1




Conservatives tend to be pessimistic because they doubt that more possibilities will make lives on the whole better. They believe that there are obstacles that stand in the way of the permanent overall improvement of the human condition.

Of course there are obstacles! Welcome to life….




But in a world ever-changing, not keeping up and adapting to new information and new knowledge leaves others that much further behind. So the assessment is that we take no risks? No dialogue to explore the many less-than-perfect opportunities to move forward at least a step or two? Wait until the perfect and easy solution to ever-increasing complexities shows up unannounced?

Obamacare is one of the more obvious issues of the day which—while far from perfect—was a step in the direction of providing needed care and coverage for millions in need. Offering a solution to that glaring problem [in this country no less!] is itself a problem? Its very complexity was a guarantee that it would not be a perfect solution.

The next perfect solution provided by government will be the first perfect solution provided by government, but that realization is not an intelligent or even marginal reason to do nothing. However such a glaring and often tragic need is addressed, addressing it is the critical point.




Filling the airwaves with idiotic allegations about “death panels” is merely an indication of how extreme the opposition was to helping others if it meant the big bad federal government was to play a role. Concern for those in need was a decidedly secondary consideration. If others were forced to continue suffering from inadequate care until a perfect non-government solution could be found, well … you know … we feel your pain. Really. We do! It’s just that if the federal government does something else that’s beneficial to millions in ways no other entity can do, well … we just can’t have that. You know … because.

We don’t have to dig too deeply into the Republican Party’s obstruction and opposition to most proposals from President Obama to understand that opposition was driven not by principled objections—offering alternatives would be the obvious way to address that … what a concept!—but by fears that a government doing well and offering beneficial assistance to millions invalidates the entirety of their mindless no-government philosophy.

“No government” philosophy won’t ruffle too many of the 1%-ers, but as for the tens of millions of others who would soon discover what life is like when the sole objective of society is to continue to cater to the powerful, that’s different. Won’t that be fun!




Permanent overall improvement of the human condition” is the ideal, and our every effort should already be the primary objective of our governments, our industries, our communities, and ourselves as individuals. We won’t be getting there anytime soon, but does the realization that we’ll never get to “perfect” mean we don’t take steps to continue heading in that direction?

Putting into play the initial steps along a particular path ought to be an obviously preferred approach than doing nothing at all until … you know … later. Intensifying opposition by making up nonsense to manufacture anxieties, or the easier approach of just outright condemnation of the entire legislative effort and the implemented policy itself has certainly been successful.

There are, after all, pointless ideological principles and traditions to honor because … you know … so if millions have to suffer on the sidelines until … you know … later, well, that’s the price they have to pay to ensure our pointless beliefs and values rule.

But this all does beg the question once again: if lies and exaggerated fears are the tactics in play, then just how valid are the criticisms and opposition to begin with?


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Looking Left and Right:
Inspiring Different Ideas, Envisioning Better Tomorrows

Be the change you want in the world Gandhi

The world is not dangerous because of those who do harm, but because
of those who look at it without doing anything Albert Einstein


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As I state in the “About Me” section, I’m driven by an intense commitment to learn why those on the conservative side of the fence view so many matters of great importance to us all so differently than do those of us on the progressive side. Those contrasting behaviors, beliefs, and ideologies are contributing factors to the very problems we’re trying to solve—the ones we must solve if our own ambitions and our hopes for a peaceful and prosperous world we leave to our children are to be well-served.

If we don’t recognize and accept that bitter partisanship is not always the wisest or most beneficial strategy, the goal of a better future will forever be as far away tomorrow as it is today.

The late Senator Paul Wellstone’s observation continues to hold far more truth and power than we give it credit:

We all do better when we all do better

Why make setting up inevitable and enduring conflict the primary objective of policy and planning?