Looking Left and Right: A Better Future? Pt 9




It may provide some comfort to those bonding over their political and culture beliefs to ignore unpleasant truths and focus instead on the merits of abstract political traditions and ideals, along with tabulating today’s scorecard. But that comfort has limitations, and the consequences of legislative pursuits benefiting the few at the continuing expense of the many will be unpleasant at best if too many of us continue to rely on convenient rationalizations rather than working together.




What kind of a nation do we choose to be? At what point do we come to the realization that what our passive acquiescence to both the policies enacted and to the others opposed is a major contributing factor to this crucial barrier we’ve created and reinforced?

If we don’t speak up, if we don’t take a few moments to consider on our own what’s being said as contrasted with what’s being done and the outcomes resulting, the few will continue to be served at our collective expense.

Should being part of a nurturing and cooperative community which extends benefits to many really be open to debate?




Compassionate choices, and legislation motivated accordingly, at the very least hold out the hope of benefitting many rather than a few. Take away the compassion and concern for the well-being of others, and cold-hearted legislation is reduced to a bottom line consideration. Period. It’s not that difficult to understand how that has worked out.

Policies which exclude only lead those denied opportunities and benefits to seek more for themselves, and with almost no consideration for others. “Every man for himself” is not such an appealing guideline when actually employed. Because of the fears those denials engender, and the related belief the disadvantaged have no choice but to do whatever they must do, what other outcome can anyone expect but even more conflict? It’s not that complicated!

While there are always exceptions to every rule, the harsh truth is that for a substantial portion of underprivileged, low-income citizens, starting out at the bottom keeps them there. That reality has absolutely nothing to do with cavalier and dismissive conclusions about getting what one deserves. Denying assistance by those who should assist but do not is heartless. Flimsy ideological rationales or justifications are just that.

Protecting individual liberty is indeed an indispensable role of government. But it is not the only role.

If we are to truly maximize all the resources of this nation—which, by the way, we on the Left do in fact happen to love just as deeply as do the red-blooded patriots on the Right [in no small part because we more readily recognize the great capacity we have to accommodate progress]—changes have to be made in the basic structure of our economic and political systems.

Are we up to the task? Of course! Will we do what needs to be done? That answer is up to us. Time will tell.


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Looking Left and Right:
Inspiring Different Ideas, Envisioning Better Tomorrows

Be the change you want in the world Gandhi

The world is not dangerous because of those who do harm, but because
of those who look at it without doing anything Albert Einstein


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Our contrasting behaviors, beliefs, and ideologies are contributing factors to the very problems we’re trying to solve—the ones we must solve if our own ambitions and our hopes for a peaceful and prosperous world we leave to our children are to be well-served.

As each side bordering the political chasm digs in ever deeper to engage in skirmishes whose intensities and potential consequences seem to have no end point in sight, we should be wondering with greater urgency what sort of “community” will emerge from the wreckage. How are we preparing ourselves to pursue opportunities and provide for the well-being of our families when so much energy is dissipated in battles where nonsense is the primary weapon?

Assuming the future still matters to at least most of us, perhaps a momentary pause to consider where current choices will lead is called for….Ignoring legitimate real-world challenges, denying they exist, or making absurd, ignorant claims to defend unconscionable political tactics will not affect the arrival of those problems in the least. Widespread impacts will be following close behind. Do we continue the ideological battles, or decide to meet the challenges by cooperating as needed?

That there’s no chance whatsoever of gaining ground in any meaningful way seems to be routinely overlooked. So too do these battles offer nothing but the creation of more problems for us all in the years to come.