Life Will Answer Quote of Note from Walt Disney *


An observation worth noting … and pondering:

If you can dream it, you can do it. 

Simple enough! But pursuing ambitions along paths upon which we’ve never traveled usually prompts an internal debate or two.

Why do I think I can do X when I’ve never even tried anything like it before? Given what I’m dealing with now, committing myself to X seems too risky at the moment. Where did that idea come from to begin with? I’ve never thought about that before! Am I really good enough to even try? What do I risk losing?

Sound familiar?

Life presents us with any number of choices along our journeys. Most are routine, easy, and not all that different from decisions made before.

But as and when we start to sort through our experiences and interests and abilities, more often than an idea develops and takes hold of us, shaped by our inquiries and examinations about our life to date. Trust that notion. Invariably, the product of our honest deliberations reveals who we can be.

The choice is then clear, if you are willing: Be who you are. The idea is a message you are free to ignore or embrace. You decide. Once you commit, the opportunities, the tools, the assistance needed all seem to find their way onto those new paths. Not all at once, of course; and usually with an obstacle or two to contend with first.

But the dream is there for a reason. Commit to it and trust it. Life Will Answer.

one of America’s great entrepreneurs, and an icon in the entertainment industry

~ My wife’s photo: at Hammond Castle, Gloucester MA – 08.20.09


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