Life Will Answer Quote of Note from Walt Disney *


An observation worth noting … and pondering:

All our dreams can come true
if we have the courage to pursue them. 

We don’t always or even often associate the need for courage as a necessary component in fulfilling dreams, but that doesn’t mean it’s absent from the mix.

Pursuing an unknown carries its own inherent set of doubts and concerns. If we haven’t done something, or if an ambition seems either too grandiose or too dissimilar from the experiences we’ve had and talents displayed to date, opting to choose another and safer path is not an uncommon decision.

Courage doesn’t necessarily mean an outside-the-box display of daring and risk. Courage more often than not simply means taking a first step first, and then another.

If we’re truly driven to fulfill a particular objective or honor a purpose we feel compelled to pursue, any number of attributes from within and assistance from others will play their roles in the eventual attainment of that goal. The blend and measure of each depends on the ambition, but almost always at least a bit of courage is a necessary ingredient.

And like most other new experiences, we won’t know what we possess or what we’re capable of achieving until we step outside what’s known and familiar. Only then do we realize that with our dreams come the tools needed to fulfill them.

Take the first step first. Life Will Answer.

one of America’s great entrepreneurs, and an icon in the entertainment industry

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