Life Will Answer Quote of Note from Valerie Burton *


An observation worth noting … and pondering:

If you are not conscious of your decision-making patterns,
you can spend a lifetime making decisions
based on what the world dictates
rather than what your inner voice tells you is right for you

Following up on an important theme from last week’s post, often the very best source of information and “guidance” is the one we pay the least attention to and/or distrust the most: our own intuition.

Each of us carries with us through life our own unique blend of talents, interests, skills, inclinations, motivations and dreams. Life tends to intrude more often than not, and rarely if ever do the great majority of us move from a full awareness of that package of gifts and desires to fulfillment of each and every one of the.

We possess these passions and ambitions for a reason, and we are not left without the resources and opportunities to achieve them if we do our part by focusing, committing, and persisting in our efforts despite the setbacks and temporary failures sure to cross our paths. Our most important resources often are the ones most accessible and available: our instincts and intuitions.

The more we make the commitment to trust that inner guidance—despite the inevitable, understandable doubts—the better our chances for success. It’s just one factor, of course, but an important one. Trust that voice. Life Will Answer.

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