Life Will Answer Quote of Note from Richard Bolles *


 An observation worth noting … and pondering:

What the world most needs from you
is not to add to their number
[people bored, working in jobs inconsistent with their souls’ desires],
but to figure out, and then contribute to the world,
what you came into this world to do.
It’s time for you to fulfill your destiny

That’s it! Those looking for some reason, some purpose, some defining guidance for the career path to follow, it does not get much more straightforward than that.

Of course, as is all-too-often true, the saying is so much easier than the doing. Figuring out and contributing, as Mr. Bolles notes, is the most vital element in fulfilling your purposes. The signs are there.

We’re not blessed [by however or Whatever or Whoever one attributes the gifts and talents we each possess] with our desires and interests and motivations without also being equipped with what’s needed to follow our own callings. While most, if not all, of us would like to have the fame and popularity and great material wealth of our preferred entertainers or artists or athletes, few of us own the critical skills to make those dreams a reality.

But that’s not to diminish our own collection of aptitudes and desires. Pursuing someone else’s version of success is sure to lead another to disappointment. The hints about our own purposes are there is more or less plain view, if we pay attention to what seems to matter most along the way. Assimilating all of those clues is rarely if ever the product of a day or two in contemplation, of course. It is a process, and the depth and power of its meaningfulness is measured in part by the depth and passion of the commitment we offer.

Take the time to contemplate the episodes and experiences which seem to strike a chord more so than the countless other events of daily life. Take the time to find the common themes and the reasons why certain few experiences elevate your feelings and thoughts. Do that first. Life Will Answer.

author of the wonderful job-search “manual”: What Color Is Your Parachute? [from p. 107 of the 1998 edition]

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