Life Will Answer Quote of Note from Pat Riley *

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An observation worth noting … and pondering:

If you have a positive attitude and
constantly strive to give your best effort,
eventually you will overcome your immediate problems
and find you are ready
for greater challenges

What we bring to any and every undertaking is a matter of choice. The level of commitment, passion, determination, consistent effort, skill, and assorted other ingredients to achievement varies with each objective, but they first must come from within.

We choose the goal, the purpose. We’re each blessed with certain interests and skills and desires unique to each of us. We’re free throughout the course of our lives to contemplate them and decide how best to achieve them, ignore them completely, or offer up whatever efforts and contributions we can from time to time when we’re not dealing with Life’s many other obligations and challenges.

The more effort we contribute, the more opportunities present themselves along the way (along with just as many “obstacles” and challenges).

If we decide an objective is meaningful, and we recognize that with the right blend of effort and focus on our part and a needed break or two along the way, and add to the mix a certainty and passion that we will achieve a chosen goal, the depth and power of that positive approach will soon enough draw you away from whatever present conditions you feel hinder your progress, at the same time opening up new possibilities and paths to find your way to fulfilling the objectives and pursuits which matter most.

Make your choices consciously, maintain a positive air of certainty, do your part. Life Will Answer.

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