Life Will Answer Quote of Note from Norman Vincent Peale *


 An observation worth noting … and pondering:

Basic to our American way of life
is the doctrine that any person,
under the free opportunities afforded by democracy,
can rise to the level of his belief and talent.
The quality of one’s belief and thinking
has been demonstrated to be
superior in importance to talent.
In fact, thought and faith have often
released talent previously unsuspected

It remains the simplest yet most powerful message of all. If you can envision fulfillment of an objective meaningful to you for whatever reason, and if you believe yourself capable of succeeding in your pursuit of that goal, you provide yourself with the most powerful tools available to make that a reality.

We choose. We decide. Life will of course toss a detour in along the way because an Answer to another’s pursuit dictates those obstacles and setbacks on our own journeys (not because some Deity is frowning upon your choices), but persistence and a firm belief that despite the occasional disappointment or wrong turn, we will in due course achieve what we seek.

So too is it a curious fact of life that our passionate focus on fulfilling a purpose or goal extracts from us capabilities and levels of confidence we did not realize we possessed. Those “perks” provide needed boosts and confirmations that the path chosen remains the one best-suited to your individual skills and desires.

Learn to listen. If the goal truly holds deep meaning for you, then keep keep choosing the same goals. Life Will Answer

a 20th-Century minister and leading proponent of positive thinking

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