Life Will Answer Quote of Note from Victor Boc *


An observation worth noting … and pondering:

If you own up to your potential
and do something about your situation,
you reap phenomenal benefit.
This matter is your responsibility
—and your choice

We should guard against the notion that “phenomenal benefit” and “success” are only validated if accompanied by great wealth or fame or popularity. For some, that’s precisely how their achievements are measured, and good for them!

Most of us, however, live our lives below that radar screen of public acclaim. But that should never make us feel as though our achievements are anything less than great successes.

Living up to our potential—emphasis on our own potential, not another’s—is how we should each and all measure how successful, accomplished, and fulfilled our lives have become or will be. Our individual (read that as unique) gifts, talents, desires, ambitions, and contributions belong to no one else, nor can they.

Recognize that the combination of these and other attributes are yours for a reason, and always you are free to pursue them to their fullest, ignore them completely, or find some comfortable middle ground. That is Life’s gift to you: the freedom to choose what you will—or not.

It can be a daunting responsibility if we consider the scope and potential impact of our pursuits. The choice of accepting that is likewise ours.

Few of us have the ideal set of circumstances laid out for us in advance. We create our own opportunities by the choices we do and do not make. Other blessings and the occasional setback spring from those decisions. Choose wisely, knowing what moves you most with and from the talents you possess. Life Will Answer.

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