Life Will Answer Quote of Note from Napoleon Hill *


 An observation worth noting … and pondering:

[W]hen a man really desires a thing so deeply
that he is willing to stake his entire future
on a single turn of the wheel in order to get it,
he is sure to win

That’s not a guarantee of quick, easy, and trouble-free, of course. Life almost never works that way for any of us, at any time, for any objective of any true meaning or weight.

Becoming clear on what drives us most, what purpose fulfilled we know would be most gratifying, what passion we most embrace, is the first step toward achieving our objectives. While it would be nice if that awareness came to us all early in life, neatly wrapped and crystal-clear, none of us would give that gift back.

If only….

We’re all aware of the prodigies and successes who “always” knew what they wanted to do and be. For most of us, that quest can take a lot of unexpected turns before we’re clear in our minds and hearts what that might be. (Keep asking yourself!) That journey makes the eventual achievements no less rewarding. If anything, the struggles to get there often provide us even greater levels of satisfaction, knowing how much effort we contributed along the way.

Almost always, the measure of what we gain is commensurate with how much “skin” we have in that game. In that regard, it is easy. Commit with all you have, stay focused, and persist. Life Will Answer.

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