Life Will Answer Quote of Note from Napoleon Hill *

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An observation worth noting … and pondering:

If you forget that you must make yourself useful to others,
you will stray from the path of success,
no matter how long you have already walked it

We’re each blessed with a certain combination of skills and interests and capabilities. Life affords us the choice each and every day to pursue them to our fullest, not at all, or anywhere in between. The only judgment of any worth will be the one we assess on our efforts and commitments.

While the pursuit of our purposes and passions are sure to bring their own set of rewards and benefits to each of us—in whatever form they take—they’ll in time ring hollow if we’re not sharing the fruits of our efforts with others. That’s not to say every undertaking is a failure if it does not reach a certain prescribed number of others.

A small gesture along the way which lifts the spirits of just one other person in some small way is often all that’s necessary. Self-serving pursuits which offer no thought or concern for others will collapse upon themselves at some point. It’s in the giving to others that our own pursuits find their fullest sense of achievement and meaning.

Contributions large and small serve as the building blocks for the next better moment. Keep that in mind. Life Will Answer.

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an American author and a leading voice espousing the principles of success [from his book: Keys to Success]

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