Life Will Answer Quote of Note from Nathaniel Branden *


An observation worth noting … and pondering:

[O]ften people dismiss their longings,
telling themselves that fulfillment is impossible,
when in fact nothing stands in the way
except the rigidity of their own thinking
or their fear of family or social disapproval.
If we do not learn to listen to ourselves,
to respect our inner signals,
if we are too quick to assume self-sacrifice as a necessity,
we miss opportunities for growth and enrichment

Often, trusting our own intuitions, feelings, and beliefs can be the biggest obstacle to overcome. How can I be sure this is the right thing to do, (or be, or try, or pursue, or …)?

When our circumstances and history are such that pursuit of a new objective or committing to a purpose outside the comfort zone of what we are accustomed to—or one outside the comfort zone of others’ expectations for us—the doubts grow larger. The comfort of the known is often—at first—safer and certainly easier than assuming risks i pursuit of the unknown.

But that is how we grow. That is how we be and achieve more.

The great successes of our world all began from those points of doubt and uncertainty. If they haven’t tried something new, how do they know with absolute certainty that they can or will succeed?

Belief and commitment are among our most powerful tools. The sooner we choose to be guided by those attributes rather than our doubts, the sooner the pathways become clear.

Make that choice. Life Will Answer.

Dr. Branden is a noted American psychotherapist and writer, best-known for his work in the psychology of self-esteem

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