Life Will Answer Quote of Note from Nathaniel Branden *


 An observation worth noting … and pondering:

The essence of self-assertion
is to respect our own values
and live by our own judgment,
so that we experience integrity:
what we do in the world
is the appropriate expression
of what we are

Consistent with the message from my most recent post, a life well- and fully-lived is in the end determined in large part by how true we are to our own callings, beliefs, and passions.

We don’t have to look far to appreciate how many differences there are among us, and so what we believe and what we are most passionate about is not always consistent with others’ motivations and purposes. It’s easy enough to recognize that using our gifts and honoring our highest callings so as not to harm others is an obvious “limitation” on what we can rightfully do.

Sometimes that line is blurred, of course. Unintended harm and consequences are unavoidable in the course of our long journeys from the vision to the fulfillment, accompanied as they are by the usual assortment of setbacks and disappointments and choices opted for which we know soon enough are not the best ones. Welcome to life!

But for all but a troubled few, most of us can bring life to our unique blend of talents and interests and passions to live our lives as fully as can be while also offering at least a seed or two of goodness for the benefit of others. We know….

We will in time be known for who and what we are. Paying attention to the best we have to offer and then doing all that we can to extend that best into the world is the most direct route to a life well-lived. Trust what you know. Life Will Answer.

Dr. Branden is a noted American psychotherapist and writer, best-known for his work in the psychology of self-esteem

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