Life Will Answer Quote of Note from M. Scott Peck *


An observation worth noting … and pondering:

The more I love, the longer I love,
the larger I become.
Genuine love is self-replenishing.
The more I nurture the growth of others,
the more my own spiritual growth is nurtured

Love takes on many different manifestations. The more-popular romantic love, while the one which most often comes to mind, is not what this passage refers.

Honoring what is best and brightest within each of is the greatest contribution we can make to others. That it may carry little publicity, fame, or material rewards is at best secondary. We each have something within to be nurtured, some small measure of goodness and kindness which—even if it touches just one other person—sets into motion a range of effects and outcomes we can only imagine when we first begin.

It is a process which does in need replenish itself. By committing ourselves to purposes and objectives about which we feel most passionate, we expand our capacity to be and do even more, and thus we provide ourselves with even ore opportunities and benefits for others.

And as our contributions extend outward to others, they in turn are enriched, which then provides those others with more opportunities to likewise share their highest and best.

Our reason for being is to express what most drives us, to develop whatever gifts we have to their fullest. When we acknowledge and recognize what that might be—whatever it might be—we are on a journey (setbacks and all) to become our own assessment of our very best. Life Will Answer.

an American psychiatrist and author of one of the most important books in recent decades: The Road Less Traveled (from which this quote is drawn)

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