Life Will Answer Quote of Note from Morris Adler *


 An observation worth noting … and pondering:

Our prayers are not answered
when we are given what we ask,
but when we are challenged
to be what we can be

Often, when we’re searching (or pleading) for some way out of a predicament, our first inclination is (naturally and understandably) is to “ask” for the shortest and easiest route out of the hole we’re mired in. Once we’re out of “it,” then we can proceed to wherever it is we might wish to go.

Sometimes, that approach is indeed the best one, but only if we recognize and accept that it is not a way station on the path to whatever greater achievements we might be pursuing. That recognition leaves us feeling a bit wanting if we get the little that we’re asking for, knowing that it has accomplished little in the bigger picture.

When Life does what it does, answering us not with what we are clearly seeking but with some other outcome not even close to that, the key to a quicker, more fulfilling, and more gratifying achievement is to stay focused on whatever our end goal might be on that particular journey. Asking better questions tends to give us better answers.

Life works that way, too. Don’t settle for the easiest answer in the moment. Ask for the best one for the longer term. Life Will Answer.

a prominent Jewish leader murdered in his synagogue in the mid-1960s

~ My Photo: Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester MA – 07.13.08


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