Life Will Answer Quote of Note from Joseph Murphy *


An observation worth noting … and pondering:

The secret of guidance or right action
is to mentally devote yourself to the right answer,
until you find its response in you

Seems simple enough! But how many of us can recite chapter and verse in reply to prove that Life does not work that way? If that’s what we believe is still and always the case, we’ll be proven right.

Do we cave in to what the past has shown, or are we still willing—despite what Life has and has not “done” to us so far—to try once more to find that path where the hints and opportunities and suggestions and coincidences and the occasionally, perfectly-clear answer start to make their presence felt, past “failures” notwithstanding?

No one—least of all me, with my history—will convince you that Life is always easy, and/or that successful others are always lucky or just blessed with whatever intangibles we simply can’t find within ourselves. Nice story. Good excuse.

Not true.

Every moment we have is a new opportunity. We can always choose a different next step, no matter how inconsequential or objectively “meaningless” it might be in the midst of whatever oppressive circumstances we might find ourselves in. One next step all we have.

Getting to the third or thirtieth or four-hundredth step in a journey just requires a first step first. Trust that “right” answers are still available to you no matter what the past has demonstrated. This is a new moment. use it well. Life Will Answer.

an American author, from his book The Power of the Subconscious Mind

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