Life Will Answer Quote of Note from Howard Whitman *


An observation worth noting … and pondering:

Perhaps the ultimate purpose of life itself is the testing of the human spirit,
to develop out of it something better, more nearly perfect.
The ultimate success of the individual, then, is not to be found
in the material results of his labors, for whole civilizations
have already been buried in the sands and the dust,
and undoubtedly more civilizations will crumble on top of them
in a never-ending heap.
But after them what is added to the human spirit?
his is the heart of the matter, for after the sands and the dust
only the human spirit is left to go on.
Each individual in his lifetime is entrusted
with a fragment of that human essence,
to be the spark of his own existence from birth to death.
Is he rich? Has he enriched the life spirit which was given him?
Is he successful? Has he made the spark glow more brightly?

We often forget that our goals are not to achieve acclaim or popularity; to be the one with the most toys, houses, or possessions. Who remembers which person’s most noteworthy legacy is that she or he died owning the most cars, or had the biggest yard, or the most suits?

It’s who we are and what we contribute that means the most. When we honor whatever it is that lies highest and best within us—regardless of how others might measure that on the grander scales of public notoriety or wealth—then we will know we’ve experienced a good and well-lived.

We all have our set of talents and interests and purposes. How much or even if we make use of them is a choice we always own.

The certainty that our pursuits and objectives are in fulfillment of those gifts brings us our greatest measures of satisfaction. One small contribution to bettering the life of another, or great and grand contributions bettering the lives of countless others, and all the contributions in between, are the ones which mean the most. The material rewards are secondary.

Learn to listen and trust what your own spark might be. Commit to doing all you can to sustain it. Life Will Answer.

an American journalist and author, from Og Mandino’s book: University of Success

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