Life Will Answer Quote of Note # 56 (R. L. Stevenson)


An observation worth noting … and pondering, from Robert Louis Stevenson :

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap
but by the seeds you plant

Success and fulfillment are the final steps to a process unique to each ambition and purpose. Most of the steps we take on our journey from the dream to the realization can often seem irrelevant, counter-productive, or simply pointless. All the more so when we inevitably experience the setbacks and obstacles and frustrations which accompany almost every pursuit of any worth to each of us.

In an ideal and perfect world, we would simply choose and then await fulfillment. But that’s not this world.

Accept that the journey is a process with detours and blessings often unexpected and even unimaginable when we begin pursuing our ambitions. Life is responding to everyone else’s choices at the same time. With that incomprehensible complexity serving as the “how” of Life, it’s impossible to get from the dream to the realization without some interruptions and interference along the way.

The key factors to achieving our dreams of any and every kind rarely differ no matter how ambitious or seemingly trivial they may be as judged by others. Stay focused. Commit to be and do your best in every moment and for every opportunity. Believe in yourself, and in your objectives.

Trust the process. Trust that whatever it is you are doing each step has value and is bringing you one step closer to the successes you seek, no matter how unrealistic that might appear then and there. We don’t often have successes every day, but we do make contributions to those successes every day.

If we are making the most of the moments at hand, the seeds we plant and nurture by our continuing commitment and belief will in time bear fruit. Life Will Answer

a renowned Scottish writer and author of Treasure Island, among other classics

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