Life Will Answer Quote of Note # 43 (P. Drucker)


An observation worth noting … and pondering, from Peter Drucker :

The best way to predict the future is to create it

That’s the gift. That is what we’re free to do with our lives if we choose, just as we are free to decline the offer and let life happen to us, or hope for the best instead.

It’s daunting to think that we are in fact responsible for the quality and measure of our life’s achievements. It is—fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective—the truth. That’s not to say there are plenty of obstacles and setbacks and disappointments and failures along the way. They too are part of the process of envisioning and then realizing the dream.

So it’s not easy to actually create the future we each desire (for whatever personal reasons). But it is possible. That’s the important message.

If you understand it’s not clear sailing from Step One to Success along a straight and easy path but that what you seek to be and do is nonetheless within your power to choose and create, life takes on a richer and deeper meaning. There’s a lot to be said for being in control of your own pursuits….

Do what you can and what you must. Believe in yourself and stay true to the visions you hold and care most deeply about. Use Life’s gift and create the life you feel most compelled to experience. Life Will Answer

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