Life Will Answer

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Inquiries & Observations About How (And Why) Life Does

… And Does Not, Work for Everyone


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A quest to understand everything; to know why Life worked the way it did, how, and for what purposes….

What are we doing … and why?

What if God/Allah/Whoever was more? Better? Grander? Greater?

What if Life Itself, unencumbered by any presumed one-and-only religion, was more? Better? Grander? Greater?

Is there a better way?

There is! Life, and each of us, can be and are more than what we’ve demonstrated to date. The God/Allah/Whatever many feel compelled to obey is likewise so much more. This understanding in turn frees us to be and do and achieve even more.

LIFE WILL ANSWER is not just about how success is achieved. This book suggests how Life works for every one of us and for every aspect of our lives—all the good, bad, and in-between aspects and results—whether they are the product of considered goals or merely random choices. Once you understand, everything changes … as you choose.

Insights shared here may not seem especially ground-breaking, in and of themselves. Much of the commentary is (intentionally) little more than common sense, an articulation and explanation of theories as they have been proven in Life.  More to the point, this is a synthesis of a variety of opinions, truths, wisdoms, and observations which have all withstood the tests of time.

LIFE WILL ANSWER is not an instruction manual for setting goals, or having goals, or what goals to choose in the first place. You decide on the objectives to be pursued, whatever they may be—whether they are specific achievements, changes in perspective and attitude, career changes, relationship changes, or anything and everything else. That is up to you. No one can—or should—dictate your own purposes and your own goals.

LIFE WILL ANSWER instead explains how Life works for everything. What we use this knowledge for—and how we do so—is entirely our responsibility. No rules, judgments, or condemnations issuing from a variety of Supreme Beings … just choices and outcomes.

The premise here is a simple one: Life works for each and every one of us exactly the same way no matter who we are; where we are; and/or what our desires; interests; capabilities; levels of intelligence; choices; religious beliefs; non-beliefs; histories, or stations in life might be.

The explanation of Why and How our innumerable and infinitely varied choices work as they do is the key to fulfillment. The fact that this applies for the bad and evil just as it does for the good is what will help differentiate this book from the many others of its kind.

With an enhanced appreciation for—and an understanding of—how your life works, you will better control responses to the challenges which come your way. You’ll now direct more of what comes your way to begin with. You can either finally begin living the Life you feel you are meant to live, or you can enhance the one you’re experiencing, because you will now do the choosing more consciously.

You decide if that’s a worthy goal.

Then—as always—LIFE WILL ANSWER.