Life Will Answer – The Book: Understanding Imagination



Earlier this year published an eBook entitled Life Will Answer. It’s an exploration of life, religion, and the tenuous connection one has with the other—at least as has been defined to date by the various theologies of past and present-day believers.

I don’t pretend to be a religious scholar to any measurable degree. I am at best a casual observer of some religion-based behaviors, but given that I have also authored a book discussing those matters, perhaps that makes me more than a casual observer.

It does not, however, make me a believer in the deity so many different religions have decided is the One And Only. [It seems we’re full to overflow of the One And Only, so perhaps It might better be thought of as the One And Only According To Whoever Is Speaking Or Writing At That Time; otherwise we’re dealing with the Many and Only Except For All The Other Onlys]

So in conjunction with that work, I’d like to offer some observations on related issues of the day.

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Back in July, Peter Fields authored an excellent article on reinventing our lives, suggesting several steps to implement whatever changes one may be seeking. It’s an easy read, with sound advice.

The themes he touched on echo those from my book. He begins with a simple enough, yet powerful observation:

Imagination is the language of the most powerful part of our mind — the subconscious. Whereas the conscious mind analyses and doubts, the subconscious feels and believes. It is the wellspring of our creative faculties. When we use our imagination we can tap into this creative part of our self and influence our inner beliefs. And when we change our beliefs then we change our reality.

One of the key themes in Life Will Answer is that we are responsible for our own lives. The choices we do and do not make determine the course of our lives.

Most of us make decisions by relying on the tried and true. We tend not to out a lot of thought into most of our day-to-day decisions. Many of them don’t require much more than an automatic action. Others with the potential to impact our important objectives and purposes, merit a bit more consideration and awareness.

Opportunities present themselves on a regular basis and in all manner of ways. Rarely are they labeled clearly. The requirement of focus and conscious effort falls on us. The more mindful we are of the goals we’re pursuing, the more often and the more clearly will we recognize those opportunities to advance our pursuits. Simple enough….

Life Will Answer also urges us to focus as often as as much as we can on the goals and pursues we’ve selected at our various stages of life. The more we Keep Choosing The Same Things Consciously, the more we draw to our lives opportunities to create those very goals.

In my book, I describe our thoughts and desires and choices as carrying with them—for lack of a better explanation and consistent with how I understand the process of creation and achievement—as “creative energy.” Readers should feel free to apply to whatever produces outcomes from our thoughts and choices any different attributes they feel most comfortable with.

The essence is not a specific definition for how we go from initial desire and thought to persistent effort to eventual success. Call it “cotton candy” if that works best for you!

What’s much more important is to recognize the connection between our thoughts/choices and what we eventually attain. Our imagination, our ability to not just conceive a goal but to envision its fulfillment by the consistency of focus and determined effort we employ in pursuing whatever goals mean the most to each of us, carried tremendous power.

The more consistently we turn to imagination to create, anticipate, and visualize the successful fulfillment of any and every goal—grand or not—the more Life Will Answer in kind.

Is there a definitive explanation for how this works for each of us? Probably not in this lifetime, but the how is unimportant. Knowing that application of your inherent ability to envision and thus create whatever life you seek is the key. The more you make use of this gift in whatever manner feels “right” for you and in accordance with the goals and purposes you feel most drawn to, the more certain you can be that Life Will Answer.

Mankind’s history is proof that what we choose, pursue with great vigor, and persist despite inevitable challenges and obstacles, is what we eventually achieve. This is true both of the good and the bad. Be more conscious of what you seek, and in time you’ll achieve.

It’s a simple enough lesson with the potential for great achievement and a life filled with deep and enduring satisfaction.

~ My Photo: sunrise at Long Beach, Rockport, MA – 08.22.05