Life Will Answer – The Book: When Is Enough, Enough? Pt 2



As I witness more discord in this nation—the vicious and judgmental condemnation by some; the ignorance; the greed; the willingness of so many in positions of authority to misrepresent, deceive, and lie for selfish gain at the expense of so many others who in good faith rely on that very ‘leadership’; and the choice by some to deliberately turn fact into mere questionable opinion (risking the well-being of countless millions in doing so), I became more and more convinced that we all need to take a moment to catch our collective breaths and figure out where we’re all going and just what the hell we’re doing.  

From where I sit in monumental frustration and unease, our unwillingness or inability to understand what’s happening and what we need to understand and change is leading us to the Mother of All Train Wrecks. [From my book Life Will Answer.]




Is there a point when we can collectively—progressives; conservatives; believers; non-believers; environmentalists; free market champions, and all others occupying one side or another—pause and consider not how to best beat up the opposition tomorrow, but where we’re going to wind up if we persist in the pursuit of “debates” by means of vicious, conflict-laden nonsense?

Do we really want or need more of this? To what end?

The basic premise of my book is a simple one: We choose. Life Will Answer.

Now, that doesn’t all happen tomorrow. I explore my own assessment about how Life works for those contrasting groups listed above and for everyone else. How committed we are to the application of common sense principals—all offered as an alternative to at least consider, perhaps during the recommended pause suggested above—will determine outcomes to a much greater degree than we’ve imagined.




And so, while we are forever completely free to choose whatever principles, behaviors, beliefs, ideologies, and values we feel compelled or inclined to incorporate as our own, understand what Life Will Answer means. It does so not because there is any one of several competing Deities passing judgments or issuing directives. In fact, I suggest that we are also not only free to believe or disbelieve without any measure of judgment, reward, or punishment here or in a hereafter, we are the ones responsible for creating the very idea of some Deity/God/Allah/Whatever in the first place. We’re free to continue doing so as well.

So all the rules are our responsibility and not those decreed by some Magical Persons. That means what we do is likewise our responsibility. And since Life Will Answer [in a manner a bit more involved than a Deity-originated nod of the head] and does so without judgment of any kind [sure to disappoint more than a few of the faithful, to be sure], what we choose and continue to choose with purpose and commitment and passion is what Life Will Answer.

A big part of that responsibility is thus to not just know which objectives you seek to fulfill, but what the outcomes are when you “succeed” in achieving your goals. In this polarized, antagonistic climate we’re all mired in politically and culturally, the old adage suggesting that you need to be careful what you wish for holds special meaning.




The ceaseless wars to prove pointless points or in obedience to beliefs and commands we ourselves have created are more than senseless. There will be no winners in these cultural and political conflicts. But there will be many who suffer as a result. It’s just a matter of degree as to how much pain we earn from our efforts.

Is there a better way? Might a better and certainly more peaceful environment today and one left to our children be a better goal to aim for than continued reliance on unverifiable commands and faith-based—and thus equally unverifiable—beliefs which have managed to do little more than raise the levels of conflicts to dangerous heights?

Is this our best? Is it possible that we might be more responsible for what happens than we think? If it’s all up to us, and the only rewards we earn will be those outcomes inevitably resulting from our choices, might that turn down some of the heat just enough so that we can actually begin listening to one another and start solving real problems with their assorted real facts and real consequences affecting real others?


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In 2014, I published an eBook entitled Life Will Answer. It’s an exploration of life, religion, and the tenuous connection one has with the other—at least as has been defined to date by the various theologies of past and present-day believers. 

I don’t pretend to be a religious scholar. I am at best a casual observer of some religion-based behaviors, but given that I have also authored a book discussing those matters, perhaps that makes me more than a casual observer.

A fundamental point of the book is that Life has been established to honor and answer the choices each and all of us make—whatever they are and however they may be judged by the standards and guidelines we as a society have established. I do not accept the notion that there is a God or another Deity of choice offering wildly arbitrary thumbs-ups and thumbs-downs, or that this Deity has edicts we’re free to abide by or not (although if we don’t there will be hell to pay).

I wrote that book on the premise that there is more to this life than the narrow-minded, conflicting, and occasionally dangerous notions various religions offer. Given the large number of them each claiming passionate followers, it’s absurd for any collection of humans to insist that their Deity assures them It is the One and Only. Countless Peers and their own loyal adherents take issue with that.

Every day we are witness to the absurdities—and too often, the atrocities—committed in the name of some Deity or another by adherents convinced that they and they alone are privy to the guidance and dictates of that One and Only. There is little room, if any, for reason, logic, or rational thought. The absence of an intelligent component guiding their beliefs and conduct—replaced as it as by fears and justifications untethered from reality—carries its own set of consequences.

Are we really to believe that we’re all commanded or obliged to above all else obey and honor and worship one Supreme Being [among many]? How stultifying! This Magnificence is so needy and weak that It needs us to do things to satisfy It? Hello!? How did It manage to survive all those billions of years without us?!

Magical thinking is not a shield to the inevitable harm which results when irrational and mindless behaviors collide with reason and fact. We have some choices to make, and a future to concern ourselves with.   

Re-establishing this blog is my own contribution to wiser problem-solving than what seems to be the norm. Too many are in position where their delusions carry heavy and needless consequences to all of us.