Life Will Answer – The Book: Ending The Wars? Pt 3



The biggest fallacy in our modern political discourse is this belief that because one believes in God, one has to involve God’s wishes in your decision-making. The problem with that … is no one actually knows what God is thinking and so they are simply asserting what they believe and assuming God is along for the ride.

It seems an obvious question, although it rarely seems to be asked and answered: what special dispensation was granted by the various Deities to their most prominent public relations specialists, thus providing them with a direct line to whatever messages these Deities of choice want disseminated? And do the recipients of those dictates ever wonder why their unyielding, passionate devotion to the Greatest of Great Causes and the Greatest of the Greats don’t merit a word or two directed their way as well?


Another of conservatism’s core personality traits is that there is a recognized hierarchy in society. Some are decreed to be more entitled and authoritative than others, and with that bestowed crown, they are the go-to sources for decision-making and dispensed wisdom [Right?]. It’s never clear how they get to that lofty perch above the riffraff … perhaps by being Lucky Caller Fourteen?

Certainly these special messengers of the One and Only—or One of the Several One and Onlys—will do nothing to encourage loyal followers to question how the system works. Fortunately for them, those accepting of hierarchical arrangements play along.

It is, for me, a source of endless—albeit disconcerting—fascination that the piety and compassion and love for fellow man presumably espoused by Christianity’s prime spokesman is so continually perverted by those who claim to hang on Jesus’ every word. Their fervent proclamation that they are here to serve their God of choice is repeatedly betrayed by the ceaseless hypocrisy, judgmental behaviors, and mean-spirited characterizations about those outside the privileged group—along with the wide variety of condemnations rendered—all of which roll off their tongues like soft breezes.


Still, considering the nonsense and too often vicious directives and observations offered by these leaders, it begs the question as to what kind of nonsense and vicious directives emanate from the One of the Several One and Onlys. How God-like are Gods completely okay with intolerance, discrimination, and anger directed at the less fortunate? Doesn’t that suggest some serious Self-esteem issues are at work for these various Deities if they need constant reassurances about their place at the very crowded top of the God Hierarchy?

While it may be convenient under the guise of a Deity’s commands [as passed along by their designated hitters] to condemn immigrants, or women, or those in the gay community, or those with different skin tones than we magnificent Caucasians, [and please donate to help them in their mission to pervert every notion of compassion and kindness] in the beginning and in the end those are choices we’re each and all free to make or dismiss as we see fit.

We witness that freedom demonstrated each and every day. Unfortunately, a lot of what’s demonstrated seems to serve the interests of the few here on planet Earth rather than the many—or their Gods above. But since They seem to be okay with what’s going on, perhaps we progressive non-fundamentalists shouldn’t complain so much, Right?


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In 2014, I published an eBook entitled Life Will Answer. It’s an exploration of life, religion, and the tenuous connection one has with the other—at least as has been defined to date by the various theologies of past and present-day believers. 

I don’t pretend to be a religious scholar. I am at best a casual observer of some religion-based behaviors, but given that I have also authored a book discussing those matters, perhaps that makes me more than a casual observer.

A fundamental point of the book is that Life has been established to honor and answer the choices each and all of us make—whatever they are and however they may be judged by the standards and guidelines we as a society have established. I do not accept the notion that there is a God or another Deity of choice offering wildly arbitrary thumbs-ups and thumbs-downs, or that this Deity has edicts we’re free to abide by or not (although if we don’t there will be hell to pay).

I wrote that book on the premise that there is more to this life than the narrow-minded, conflicting, and occasionally dangerous notions various religions offer. Given the large number of them each claiming passionate followers, it’s absurd for any collection of humans to insist that their Deity assures them It is the One and Only. Countless Peers and their own loyal adherents take issue with that.

Every day we are witness to the absurdities—and too often, the atrocities—committed in the name of some Deity or another by adherents convinced that they and they alone are privy to the guidance and dictates of that One and Only. There is little room, if any, for reason, logic, or rational thought. The absence of an intelligent component guiding their beliefs and conduct—replaced as it as by fears and justifications untethered from reality—carries its own set of consequences.

Are we really to believe that we’re all commanded or obliged to above all else obey and honor and worship one Supreme Being [among many]? How stultifying! This Magnificence is so needy and weak that It needs us to do things to satisfy It? Hello!? How did It manage to survive all those billions of years without us?!

Magical thinking is not a shield to the inevitable harm which results when irrational and mindless behaviors collide with reason and fact. We have some choices to make, and a future to concern ourselves with.   

Re-establishing this blog is my own contribution to wiser problem-solving than what seems to be the norm. Too many are in position where their delusions carry heavy and needless consequences to all of us.