Electing Trump: What Happens Then? Pt 6




Post-election, the President is answering to a very different crowd than sycophants. When a know-nothing, bombastic narcissist is in charge, what outcomes should even the lowest of low-information voters be expecting when challenges arise from those not enamored with a platform consisting of bigotry, bullying, lies, and political/diplomatic ignorance?

That is not a trick question.




Tough-guy, empty bluster might be a fine tactic when walking up the steps to the White House, but what should—what can—anyone expect thereafter? That’s an unsettling consideration, to say the least. Real-life takes no holidays. Election-day victories fade quickly in importance when the work of governing begins. Donald Trump has demonstrated exactly no comprehension about any of this, and neither have his supporters. Now might be a good time to start paying attention.

This election is not about competing policies or a vision for the country. There cannot be competition if only one side is offering tangible policies or a vision with at least a bit more depth than what one might find in a fortune cookie. The conflict at the heart of this election is Donald Trump’s dangerous and frightening disinclination—or, more accurately, his inability—to behave with even minimal passing resemblance to Presidential bearing, and to show himself as a candidate holding even an elementary-school level of expected knowledge, emotional awareness, psychological stability, and intelligence … yet it doesn’t seem to matter!

For a nation singing its own praises as the greatest nation in history, chock-full of worthiness and entitlement for its sheer patriotic magnificence at every turn, that Donald Trump has become a finalist for the most important job on the planet is beyond mortifying. No word has yet been invented to describe how low political gamesmanship has sunk to vomit him into the national spotlight, or to describe how far his supporters will travel away from accepted intellectual terrain to justify his ignorance-based and dangerous candidacy.




This is exceptionalism on display? Hillary Clinton is by no means the ideal choice, but Trump is the leader millions agree should serve as the beacon to our nation’s greatness? It is madness that this bizarre notion was ever first contemplated, let alone that it’s traveled this far! We demand more integrity, decency, maturity, and decorum from third-graders.

When are the rest of us—not so enamored with his candidacy or his [lack of] character and knowledge—going to be let in on this colossal joke?

Having at the helm a questionably stable, bigoted, no-policies-to-speak-of authoritarian con-artist who is jaw-droppingly clueless about governing and basic human decency … that’s something to be frightened about! But contemplating that for even a moment leads to cognitive dissonance and a long list of questions which no right-wing leader wants asked, let alone answered.  

How pitiful is it that so much national energy is being wasted on giving attention to someone so manifestly unfit to serve in any leadership role at any level? That he is a national party nominee is both frightening and a horrifying statement about the GOP’s diminished place in national politics, how low the threshold of acceptability is for too many voters, and how cowardly their leaders have proven themselves to be.


The tragedy of Trumpism is that the man so poorly represents a large group of Americans with genuine woes and grievances. And the larger tragedy of our country these days is that events did not prompt better leaders to step forward.  


We’re electing a President of the United States! What description for his candidacy and the GOP’s feeble condemnations comes after “incomparable national embarrassment?” Do his supporters ever contemplate life after November 8th?

What happens when the mindset of limited government, tax cuts for the wealthy, program cuts for the needy, ridicule of scientific research, and even more hostility directed at various “others” are among the end results? What is gained? What is lost?

The question of who actually “wins”—more to the point, how many of us do not—deserves more consideration now. That assessment requires information, not aberrant emotional appeals too often designed to confuse and disturb rather than uplift and enlighten.

There is another part to this game which will also prove to be not nearly so much fun….


Fear mongering … perhaps play[s] a role in attracting attention and focusing civic energy, but it can be dangerous if generating fear becomes an end in itself and deflects our gaze from the real challenges we face.  


For those who still think that Donald Trump is the answer, perhaps you need to pose a more intelligent question.


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