Happy New Year

Happy New Year and thank you for checking in once again.

In early December, as I was winding down my blog postings for the holiday season, I was planning to return this week and carry on with more or less weekly writings as always

A lot has happened in the past month:
     * in early December, our son was informed he was being deployed to the Middle East for most of this year, and so we took some unscheduled time at Christmas to fly out to see him before his departure last week
     * in the next few weeks, we’ll begin renovating our new primary residence, moving to another property, and selling our current primary residence, with a 5 day out of state business conference tossed into the mix at the tail end of this stretch

A wee bit hectic, to say the least!

The upshot: no time to catch my breath, let alone put the time and thought needed to post in these next several weeks, so I’m extending my usual several-week holiday hiatus for at least another month

I hope you’ll check back in mid-to-late February when I hope to resume.